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Dana Slaymaker

Tam Ryan

Barbara Jo McLaughlin

Barbara Kemp Cowlin


→ The RLV Gallery is open to the public on Sundays, 11 AM to 5 PM. View directions.
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ON NOW Tam Ryan
EXHIBIT RUN: Through March 31st
OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, Mar. 4, 1–5 PM

The Nature of Things: Nature, Landscapes, Abstracts and Fine Feathered Friends features color photographs of the region’s vast landscapes, along with its desert flora and fauna. To learn more about the artist visit: tamryan.com.

JANBarbara Jo McLaughlin (Sculpture). Fishes & Clouds. Sculpture installation. In conjunction with Triangle L Ranch.
FEBWaters, Flowers & Askew featuring 2D works by Barbara Kemp Cowlin. Opening Reception: Saturday, Feb. 10, 1-5 PM.
MARDana Slaymaker (photography). The Space Between the Rocks: Conversations with Exotic Creatures. Read about the artist’s groundbreaking science photography work to map & monitor flora & fauna worldwide.



JAN 2017Witches & Saints featuring Shari Bombeck & Patricia Sahertian (collage, painting, and tiny bottles)
FEBThe Haunting Past featuring James Cowlin, Jeremiah Rosethorn & Sydney Cowlin (landscape photography)
MARKerry Cannon (sculpture)
APRMartin Levowitz (sculpture, painting & photography)
MAYMartin Quintanilla & Marcy Miranda Janes (paintings and paper cuts)
JUNPima Community College Student Show (mixed media)
JUL-AUGLyra McGrew Rahner (2D & 3D media) and Ivy Miller (Children of Oracle photo essay book)
SEPThe Printmakers of the Drawing Studio (prints)
OCTRebecca Bergman (paintings)
+OCTThe Practice of Art-Making with Andrew Rush (workshop)
NOVDavis! Davis! Davis!
An exhibit of works by the late and lamented James G. Davis, along with his wife and creative muse, Maryanne Davis, and their son, Phoenix-based painter and draughtsman Turner Davis.


JANWilliam Pitt Root (photography)
FEBPat Dolan (pastels)
MAR Beata Wehr (artist’s books, collages, works on paper and watercolors)
APRJoe Hatton (paintings)
JUNThe Art Students of Pima Community College (2D and 3D media)
JUL–AUG Nicolas Baird: Warp Series (1, 3-5)
(multiple photo series)
MID-AUGRLV Group Show (mixed media)
SEP (mixed media)
OCTBill Blomquist & Stacy Blackmer-Blomquist (paintings, mixed media)
NOVLew Schnellman & the late Elizabeth Manfredi (sculpture & painting)
DECBernie Fierro (paintings)


JAN Barbara Brandel (collage & mixed media)
FEB Barbara Kemp Cowlin (paintings)
MAR Michael Chittock (paintings)
APR Gary Swimmer (cut-metal works)
MAY Eric Twachtman (paintings)
JUNPima Community College Student Exhibit (various media)
JUL Dirk Arnold (architectural models) & Robert Redding (fiber arts)


JAN Ann Tracy-Lopez (paintings), Diane Mansfield Colligan (photography) and Charles Alexander, founder, Chax Press (poetry).
FEB James Cowlin (photography)
MAR Juan Enriquez (painting)
APR Greg Bender (paintings)
MAY Rachel Cherry (small works)
JUN Emily Stern Düwel (paintings & drawings)
SEPT. Gary Auerbach (photography)
OCT. Steve Romaniello (paintings)
NOV. Rebecca Bergman (paintings)
DEC. RLV Winter Show (mixed media)


DEC RLV Winter Group Exhibition
OCT William Pitt Root (poetry & photography) and Pamela Uschuk (poetry).
OCT Matthias Düwel & Imo Baird
SEP Mykl Wells (paintings)
AUG Michael Chittock, Kimberley Lund, Danielle Neibling, Eric Twachtman & Gary Swimmer : Art In August (figurative drawings, paintings & prints)
JUL Clive Pates & Virginia Pates : Darkness into Light
(oil paintings & ceramics, respectively)
JUN James G. Davis : Mary Anne Paintings (review)
MAY Joy Fox & Albert Kogel (mixed media)
APRMonica Warhol (prints, painting, sculpture)
MARAndrew Rush : Meditations on the Sea of Cortez (watercolors)
FEB. Kris Sader : Saguaros in Maine II (prints)


JAN. RLV Group Show & Beata Wehr Open Studio
JAN. RLV Group Show & Beata Wehr Open Studio


JAN. HYPER schizophrenia featuring Chase F. Euerle, Falcotronix, Metrognome & Kevin Tumy (multimedia event & monthlong exhibit)
FEB.Donald Haskin : Recent Bronze Sculpture
MARBeata Wehr : Allusion to a Narrative (book arts, mixed media)
APRJuan Enriquez & Oracle Open Studio Tour
MAY 1William Pitt Root (photographs & poetry)
JUN 4-19Pima Northwest Painting Student Exhibit
JUN (tbd)Justin Nichols : Open Studio (found object assemblages)
JUL-AUGRLV Summer Show
SEPT. Farzad Nakhai (watercolors) (review)
OCT. Betina Fink : (oil paintings)
NOV.Cristina Cardenas & Carolyn King : 25 Years Across the Border (paintings & color prints)
DEC. Lynn Duryea (sculpture)


JAN.Emily Stern Düwel :Cars and Thickets (paintings on paper)
MARMichael Campione
APRKathleen Velo (photo works)
MAYRachel Cherry (assemblages and paintings) & Justin Nickels (sculpture) : Two Artists from Portland, Oregon
SEPT.Pat Dolan & Eric Swadley (pastels)
OCT.Matthias Düwel (paintings) & Imo Baird (sculpture) : MINI • MAX
NOV. Clive Pates & Virginia Rood Pates : From Bird Heaven
DEC. Ed Putzar Memorial Exhibition (photography; view notice)


JAN.Jimmie Weaver Memorial
Works in a range of media by a known local artist who passed away in 2007.
FEB.Jim Sloan
MARThe Assemblage Group
APRChrissy Goral
Light paintings
OCT.Xochitl Gil Higuchi (paintings, monotypes and cast acrylic resin wall pieces)
NOV.The late Bruce McGrew and his wife Joy Fox McGrew : In Memoriam – Dia de los Muertos (collaborative works)
NOV.Ceci Garcia : En Mi Corazon – Miners, Ranchers and Memories
DEC. Holiday Exhibition of RLV Artists


Jan. 8Leah Romaniello
Feb. 8Ozlem Silverstein
Painted portraits of women from the Middle East and the United States incorporating textile patterns that reflect their cultural heritage
Mar. 8Portrait Show (drawn from RLV collections)
Apr. 1Elizabeth Manfredi & Lew Schnellman
Landscape watercolors and more. Reception: April 13, 2–5 p.m.
May 1RLV 40th Anniversary Exhibit
Curated show of artists affiliated with Rancho Linda Vista over the years.
June 1RLV 40th Anniversary exhibit cont.
Sep. 1Rachael Simon
Paintings and sculpture
Oct. 1Matthias Düwel & Imo Baird
Paintings and sculpture, respectively
Nov. 8"But Is It Art?"
Mixed (up) media by Danielle Niebling
Dec. 8RLV Group Show