RLV Land Purchase

Preserving Open Space

In August 2019, the members of Rancho Linda Vista voted by majority to purchase an adjoining 34 acres of beautiful desert land that borders the ranch’s southwestern property line. This increases RLV’s landholdings from 80 to 114 acres, 74 of which will be left as wilderness. We have been motivated to buy the land by:

  • A heartfelt desire to protect the natural landscape that surrounds us and that has long defined our community.
  • An aspiration to create a buffer for the future.
  • A wish to support our neighbors’ and our greater community’s efforts to preserve Oracle’s extraordinary viewsheds and distinctive rural character.

In support of these aspirations and commitments, RLV continues to seek the contributions of its friends and family to help us sustain the preservation of our idyllic natural landscape that has held so many of the visiting and resident artists in its thrall.

Please read our letter to members & friends, which sheds light on why this step is so important to our future.