James G. Davis. The White Moose Bar (1996).

I  N   M E M O R I A M

Rancho Linda Vista Mourns the Passing of James G. Davis

The supremely gifted painter James G. Davis passed away on September 29th at the age of 85, with Mary Anne, his beloved wife of 54 years, by his side.

The internationally exhibiting artist and U of A professor emeritus was born in Springfield Missouri into a family of six brothers. Forgoing high school in 9th grade to survive on his own, Jim managed to nevertheless pass the Wichita State Univeresity's entrance examiantion, already determined to be an artist. He was soon teaching there as well and it is in one of his drawing classes that he met his future wife and longtime muse.

In the words of his son Turner, also an artist, “He was the champion of the everyman. There’s a struggle to represent the daily conflicts and loneliness and aspirations of the people all around him.”

Jim traveled the world widely, exhibiting in Berlin, Spain and NYC. A prolific and dedicated artist, a selection of his works can be viewed at Etherton Gallery in Tucson.

Read the touching commemorative piece by arts reporter Kathleen Allen for the Arizona Daily Star, which captures some part of what made Jim such an extraordinary artist and person. Also see Margaret Regan’s review of his last RLV exhibit, featuring 50 years of portraits of his wife.

A High Mass will be held for Jim on Saturday, October 21st, in Oracle, followed by a memorial celebration at Rancho Linda Vista on Sunday, October 22nd. For details visit our facebook page.

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