Two Tohono Chul exhibits feature RLV artists. The above work is a recent acrylic monoprint by Andrew Rush from his show “Sonoran Grasses”.

KB’s map of the newly
purchased 34 acres

2019 summer artist resident Toni Serratelli (painting)

RLV 50th festivities

Telling Lives Poetry Intensive

2018 summer artist resident Ping Zheng (painting)

Floating World by Myung Gyun You.

Rose Tangle by Samantha Mitchell.

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Crafting a Moment: A Brief Introduction to an Actor’s Toolbox for Actors & Non-Actors

On Sunday, Jan. 5, from 2.30 tp 5 PM, distinguished theatre director and actor Sam Rush will lead an acting workshop at the RLV OracleArt Wilson Barn. Co-founder of the New Century Theater in Northampton, MA, will lead a free workshop for experienced actors and non-actors alike that delves into “blended state of being that is the basis for most acting methods in use today.” (Read more.)

For added information, download the flyer and/or contact Sam Rush at 413-626-3238.

Rancho Linda Vista Artists at Tohono Chul Park

On Friday, November 15th, some 300 people gathered to celebrate the opening of an exhibition showcasing current Rancho Linda Vista artists and their family members at the Tohono Chul Botanical Gardens and Galleries in Tucson.

Overlapping at the same time is Sonoran Grasses, an exhibit of Andrew Rush’s recent acrlyic monopprints, which follows on an exhibit of drawings by long-time RLV friend and guest artist Jim Waid. Both “Rancho Linda Vista” and “Sonoran Grasses” are up through February 2nd. A reception for Andy’s exhibit will be held on January 9, from 5.30 to 8 PM.

For those not familiar, Tohono Chul is a beautifully laid out desert park inside of the City of Tucson, with several historic adobe buildings. The exhibit will remain on display through Wednesday, Feb. 5. Special thanks are owed to Gallery Curator James Schaub and his Assistant Nicole George for their exemplary display and gracious receptions.

34-Acre Land Purchase Preserves RLV’s Connection to Nature

Rancho Linda Vista was founded with the idea of providing a place where artists could create work and raise families in close relation to nature. With this same purpose in mind, the members of RLV, Inc. have recently purchased 34 acres of desert wilderness adjoining its southwest border.

The land, which includes a prominent ridge toward which the ranch faces, is to be preserved as is. This land purchase is solely meant to ensure the protection of RLV and the larger community’s natural viewsheds and distinct rural character; it is expressly not intended for any form of individual or group profit.

While the immediate purchase has been made possible through a private 10-year loan, a 10 percent rent increase, and numerous donations, RLV is now seeking to raise $100,000 through the generous support of friends, family and community. To this end, we will be hosting a number of cultural events over the next four years.



We would like to thank all those who have given generously thus far to the RLV’s purchase of an additional 34 acres on our southwestern border. Our appreciation for your commitment to preserving the open spaces in and around Oracle cannot be overstated. To date, we have raised over $30,000—but we still require another $70,000 in donations to make this happen. If you haven't already contributed, we look forward to celebrating your partnership. And if you act now, you can receive a choice of one of six posters designed by Bruce McGrew and James G. Davis!

Road Easement

As part of the land purchase, an access road “right of way” – designed for what was to have been a large-scale subdivision on our southern border – is now in RLV’s possession. The easement was to have traversed prominent ridges and crossed the Bachmann Wash, spoiling the natural landscape, ruining neighbors’ viewsheds and opening up state land to the possibility of further extensive development. While future development of the landscape is contingent on numerous shifting factors, as things stand the existing road easement is blocked from future use.

2019 Summer Artist Residency Award Selection Announced

We are deeply pleased to welcome Toni Ann Serratelli to Rancho Linda Vista, the most recent artist to be selected for our annual Summer Artist Residency Award. Toni nuanced and sensitive investigations of those liminal spaces where matter and atmosphere comingle make her a fitting artist to explore our surrounding desert landscape. She has largely pursued her art studies in Florence and Rome, where she earned an MFA through Tyler School of Art. A Fullbright recipient as well as dedicated art educator, Toni has had numerous exhibits in the NYC metropolitan region. She currently resides in Red Hook, Brooklyn, with her husband and two children. (See below for past residency award announcements.)

RLV 50th Anniversary Celebration

Fifty whole years! It’s hard to believe that what started as an experiment by a group of (mostly) University of Arizona artists—back in 1968—has kept evolving and thriving for half a century. This Memorial Day weekend, the RLV community met to kick up its heels and take a long look back—with exhibits, food, music, poetry and doings of all kinds. Read a write up from long-time friend John Hernandez at Copper Area News and check facebook page as we post photos and more.

“Telling Lives” Brings Poets to Ranch for Week-Long Intensive

Rancho Linda Vista’s inaugural poetry intensive, led by the formidable William Pitt Root and Pamela Uschuck, was attended by 10 writers from around the country, who bunked at the ranch, met daily round the Lodge dining table for deeply-plumbed discussions, enjoyed suppers hosted by ranch residents, and ate at other times thanks to Maggie Rush Miller’s generous efforts... (more)

Andy’s Window

Read the latest blog posts from Andrew Rush—master printmaker/draughtsman and The Drawing Studio founder—as he probes the media of art, human understanding and life. (more)

Past Artist Residency Awards

2018 Summer Artist Residency Award Selection Announced Rancho Linda Vista is delighted to announce that 2D artist Ping Zheng has been selected as this year’s recipient of the RLV Artist Residency Award. Ping’s process of isolating and discovering the poetic resonances within her particular vision, along with her accomplishments as an emerging artist, were factors in her selection for this year’s award. Ping received her BFA from the Slade School of Art and MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and has exhibited her work in New York and London. We look forward to her joining us in August.

2017: The mixed-media installation artist Myung Gyun You was selected as the 2017 recipient of the RLV Artist Residency Award. Whether focusing on giant site-specific installations to small wall pieces, Gyun’s work integrates ideas connected to culture, identity and nature using organic and manmade materials... (more)

2016: Samantha Mitchell is a Philadelphia artist and writer who works with drawing and printmaking processes. In her art, she creates shimmering line-based surfaces and complex orbital entanglements. Samantha received a BA from Oberlin College and an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Her work has been shown in NY, DC, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

2016: Sharon Lee Hart is an award-winning photographer based in Pensacola, Florida, whose work explores the mysterious intersection between living beings and the environment. Schooled at Maine College of Art (BFA) and UNC-Chapel Hill (MFA), she currently leads the photography program at Florida Atlantic University.

2015: Born in Taiwan, raised in Thailand, and a current resident of the United States, Eleen Lin is a figurative painter who mines her rich tri-national heritage for inspiration, reinvestigating classic myths through a contemporary lens. Eleen studied at Slade School of Art and at Yale, where she received an MFA. She has had numerous exhibits of her work in New York, London and Taiwan.

2014: The inaugural Summer Artist Resident Tempest NeuCollins is a painter, photographer and printmaker who brings a sensitivity to the play of natural forms, structures and light to her mixed-media investigations. Tempest holds an MFA in studio art from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and a BFA in photography from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. She has exhibited her work in Brooklyn and San Francisco.