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R  L  V    O  R  A  C  L  E  A  R  T ,    I  N  C .

RLV OracleArt, a non-profit 501(c)(3), promotes artistic development, public outreach and art preservation in southern Pinal County’s tri-community. RLV OracleArt builds on a long tradition of community involvement at Rancho Linda Vista, which hosted its Summer Youth Workshop serving disadvantaged area children for 10 years. Today, the historic Wilson Barn (across the road) provides space for workshops, performances and artist studios.

RLV OracleArt was spearheaded by Ranch residents Maggie Rush Miller and Shelley McGrew, who both grew up here as children and returned to raise families, after developing careers in the performing arts.

To learn more about RLV OracleArt’s activities, please visit their Website.