New Year Poster Push!

Expanding & Preserving Our Connection
to the Natural Landscape

(Click images to enlarge)

Bruce McGrew #1
(38 in. h x 25 in. w)

Bruce McGrew #2
(28 in. h x 22 in. w)

Bruce McGrew #3
(11 in. h x 8.5 in. w)

Bruce McGrew #4
(25 in. h x 16 in. w)

James G. Davis #1

James G. Davis #2

James G. Davis #3

Thank You for Making the RLV Land Purchase a Reality!

As most of our friends now know, in the summer of 2019 we bought 34 adjoining acres for the purpose of preserving RLV’s connection to the surrounding desert landscape. To show how grateful we are to all of our generous donors to date—and to encourage further commitment—we are offering as a gift the choice of one of the James G. Davis or Bruce McGrew posters pictured above.

For this, we thank the amazing Davis and McGrew families.

All who have donated so far to the land purchase have the opportunity to receive this wonderful gift. If you haven’t yet donated—and can give $100 or more—please let this offer spur you into action. Posters will remain available until they run out.

UPDATE 2/18/2020:

  • A fourth Bruce McGrew poster has been included.
  • There may be limited availability for certain James Davis posters; please email us and we will advise.

How do you collect your gift?

  1. Select one of the posters pictured here (limit one per donor)

  2. If you have sent a donation prior to Feb. 1, 2020, let Judy Stewart know your choice of poster and mailing address, either via email or by calling 520-896-2406.

  3. If you haven’t yet made a donation, please send a check for $100 or more made out to RLV, Inc., along with a note specifying your choice of poster, to:

    RLV Land c/o Judy Stewart
    P.O. Box 160, Oracle AZ 85623

Your gift will be mailed to you shortly.